The Applications of an Industrial Drying Oven

Industrial drying ovens are designed to simultaneously heat a material while withdrawing moisture from its surface, a process with many commercial, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications. These are primarily used for batch processes – though varying product or research requirements need vastly different mechanisms and components. However, there is a basic three-stage operating process which underlines the working principle of industrial drying ovens in all sectors.

Initially a product or sample is placed within an industrial drying oven where it is heated to a required temperature to draw moisture from the substrate of its surface, then it is left immersing at that specific temperature level for a predetermined period. Afterwards, the industrial drying oven ventilates that heat and feeds in cooler ambient air, reducing the potential of a material to reabsorb moisture from the oven’s interior during this cool-down stage.

This article will explore some of the applications of an industrial drying oven in more detail:

Degassing Epoxy Resins

Epoxy resins have an enormous range of applications, from the production of electronic equipment to the formation of high-strength industrial adhesives. These areas demand exceptional performance qualities from all materials applied in their manufacture. Certain epoxy materials actively absorb moisture, to the degree that it is advisable they not be mixed during periods of high humidity. Industrial drying ovens can be applied to combat this material drawback, degassing epoxy resins which have developed pockets of air or moisture within the mixture.

Electronics Manufacture

Despite continued innovation in the various fields of electronics, moisture damage still represents a significant threat to the functioning of electronic components such as circuitry. Delamination of printed circuits due to liquid molecule exposure can result in irreparable damage, hence the importance of heat-treating such products in the first instance. The exceptional heat distribution of industrial drying ovens allows for excellent through-batch consistency, and improved yields of sensitive electronic products.

Factory Environments

Industrial drying ovens can be integrated in conveyor systems for a range of industrial environments, but offer distinct advantages to sectors where conveyance equipment is subjected to potential liquid spillage. These can withdraw moisture from the conveyor mechanism to improve the equipment service life and reduce risk of gradual mechanic corrosion.

Materials Testing

The effects of long-term ageing on various polymers and metals can be determined to a degree of accuracy with an industrial drying oven, which can simulate certain environmental conditions that a material may be subject to throughout its service life – except in a feasibly measurable period. Industrial dryers are commonly applied in plastic ageing processes, to determine the thermal and degradation properties of plastics which may be implemented in industrial or public sectors.


The pharmaceutical industry consistently requires the use of industrial drying ovens for sterilization and incubation purposes, to prepare a wide array of samples for analysis or application. These are commonly built to widely differing volumes and dimensions, with additional integrated equipment to suit a researcher’s unique requirements.

Industrial Drying Ovens from Thermcraft

Thermcraft are experts in the manufacture and development of industrial furnaces and ovens for a broad range of practical applications, combining accurate heating elements with highly efficient thermal insulation to ensure accurate heat distribution throughout a chamber – thereby improving product treatment and batch reproducibility.

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