The Benefits of Using a Benchtop Industrial Oven

An industrial oven is an instrument used by many different industries, including food production, pharmaceutical, and electronics. These ovens have a heated chamber that is used to perform many different heat treatment processes and a range of increasing temperatures.

Industrial ovens can be built to be extremely large and bulky, which can take up a lot of space in the laboratory and their size can also make the oven inefficient. This blog post will look at the benefit of using benchtop industrial ovens as an alternative to bulky upright ovens.

Using Benchtop Industrial Ovens

Any benchtop instrument is one that can, quite simply, be positioned on a benchtop. For industrial ovens, there can be many benefits associated with using a benchtop industrial oven over one that is upright.

The main benefit of using a benchtop system is the significant space saved within the laboratory. Benchtop industrial ovens have a considerably smaller footprint than larger ovens, enabling labs to utilize their available space more effectively. This makes benchtop industrial ovens suitable for smaller laboratories that may have space limitations or labs that use a lot of equipment.

Another benefit of using a benchtop industrial oven is that they can be more efficient compared to a large upright one. If heat treatment is only required to be performed on a small number of samples, a benchtop industrial oven is much more efficient as less energy is used and wasted. If a small quantity of sample was heat treated in a larger industrial oven it would require much more energy to produce a uniform heated environment.

Benchtop industrial ovens are also a lot easier to load and unload, and due to their size, they can be easily repositioned in the lab if required. While they cannot cater to large batch loads, they do provide benefits for labs that only heat treat a small number of samples.

Benchtop Industrial Ovens from Thermcraft

Thermcraft supply both a standard range and can also manufacture custom industrial ovens to exact specifications. Our range includes a benchtop industrial oven that is suitable for low-temperature applications. This particular oven has an integrated control system and a maximum temperature of 180oC.

If you would like any more information about the benchtop industrial ovens from Thermcraft, please contact us.

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