How Does a Calcining Furnace Work?

Calcining (also known as calcination) can be defined as the heating to high temperatures in the presence of oxygen or air, or it can be the heat treatment process of inducing thermal decomposition. Thermal decomposition is achieved using calcining by placing a sample in an absence or limited supply of air or oxygen.

The main objectives of a calcination furnace are to drive off water that is present as absorbed moisture, to drive off volatile constituents such as carbon dioxide, or to oxidize part of, or the entire substance. Calcining is carried out in a range of instruments, including industrial furnaces. This blog post will outline the working principle of a calcining furnace.

Types of Calcining Furnaces

Depending on the application requirement, calcining furnaces can use electricity, gas, or oil as a fuel source.

There are typically three types of furnace configurations used for calcining. In a reverberatory furnace, the sample comes in direct contact with the flames and hot gases of the heat source, but the fuel used to power the heat source is separate.

In a muffle furnace, neither the fuel or the gases from the heat source come in to direct contact with the sample under heat treatment.

In a shaft furnace, the sample comes in close contact with the fuel source, which results in some contamination from the ashes produced. However, in some more recent constructions of shaft furnaces, the fuel source is placed on a separate grate, ensuring only the gas and flames reach the sample and eliminating the risk of sample contamination.

Calcining Furnaces from Thermcraft

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