The Ceramic Fiber Insulation Products Available from Thermcraft

Ceramic fiber insulation is an industrial insulation product with a low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, high thermal shock resistance, and lightweight physical properties. It is available in a variety of densities and forms to suit varied heating environments where temperatures regularly exceed 1000°C (1832°F). Thermcraft’s distinguished range of vacuum formed ceramic fiber insulation is manufactured using high purity alumina-based ceramic fiber which is fit for a range of purposes, including semi-cylindrical insulation, board insulation, and blanket or formable insulation for reduced rigidity.

This article will explore some of the ceramic fiber insulation products available from Thermcraft in more detail:

Fiber Blanket Insulation

Thermcraft’s fiber blanket insulation can withstand temperatures up to 1427°C (2600°F), possessing superb handling strength and low rigidity. It combines a high strength, low-weight physicality with low thermal conductivity shock and corrosion to provide passive fire protection and high thermal durability in a range of sectors. This form of ceramic fiber insulation is typically applied as linings and wraps in a variety of furnaces, heaters, and kilns.

Fibercraft™ Board Insulation

Fibercraft™ board insulation meets and exceeds the extreme temperature demands achieved by fiber blanket insulation with a rigid structure in variable thicknesses. It is available for various temperature requirements, including1260°C (2300°F), 1427°C (2600°F), and 1538°C (2800°F) for standard board sizes of 24” x 36”. These can be easily adapted through cutting and drilling processes, and can be integrated in multiple layers of board insulation. Ceramic fiber insulation in board forms are used primarily in flat plate heater applications.

Fibercraft™ Moistened Formable Insulation

Thermcraft’s Fibercraft™ moistened formable insulation is unique in that it is combines ceramic fiber insulation with moist, inorganic bonding agents for added flexibility. This will air dry after the fiber blanket has been formed to its specific requirements. This moldable insulation has a temperature range up to 1260°C (2300°F), with low thermal conductivity and significant resistance to thermal shock and corrosion.

Fibercraft™ Heater

The Fibercraft™ heater uses lightweight ceramic fiber board insulation for thermal protection and mechanical optimization, with its low heat storage properties ensuring that requisite temperatures are reached at an efficient rate. Proper installation and correct insulation density can result in heaters reaching maximum temperatures in under 15-minutes. These ceramic fiber insulation heaters are available in temperatures up to 1100°C (2012°F) and 1200°C (2192°F), with options of cylindrical, semi-cylindrical, and flat plate heater variations.

CNC Machined Insulation Shapes

Thermcraft supply specialized CNC-machined insulation shapes, pieces, and plugs for specific applications. These can be accurately built to exact customer dimensions to ensure a long-lasting, high-quality product with exceptional thermal properties.

Ceramic Fiber Insulation from Thermcraft

Thermcraft is a leading manufacturer of thermal processing equipment, including vacuum formed ceramic fiber heaters and ceramic fiber insulation products. Our products include standardized equipment for quick-shipping and fully bespoke solutions for individual customer requirements.

Feel free to download our fully-transparent product literature for further technical specifications. Otherwise, feel free to contact us at Thermcraft with any queries about our products and services.

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