Ceramic Heating Elements for Semiconductor Heat Treatment

Semiconductor materials are synthesized through complex processes comprised of multiple stages including diffusion and oxidation. These lithographic steps take place when dopant materials are introduced to the substrate material of the semiconductor to optimise the electronic capabilities of the device. This is the final stage of semiconductor fabrication, requiring high-quality ceramic heating elements and highly pure thermal processing chambers to achieve the desirable electronic properties.

Diffusion is the preferred deposition method for semiconductor dopant materials that are typically introduced to the substrate through atomic layer deposition (ALD) or chemical vapour deposition (CVD). High-temperature thermal processing is then used to encourage chemical permeation of the thin film structure before the macrostructure of the device is rigidified.

These high thermal values are typically generated using ceramic heating elements as opposed to direct flame heating to reduce the risk of cross-contamination and provide exceptional purity process conditions for semiconductor fabrication.

This blog post will outline the two primary product lines of ceramic heating elements for semiconductor fabrication.

DuracraftTM Ceramic Heating Elements

DuracraftTM is a range of ceramic heating elements suitable for diffusion processing of semiconductor materials, with heavy-gauge wiring that is helically wound around the spacers of the ceramic heating element for improved temperature uniformity and outstanding resistance to thermal shock.

Our DuracraftTM line is comprised of the DC-1300, the DC-1300Plus, and the DCHT-500, each of which is suitable for high thermal operation across a temperature range of 400 – 1300°C (400 – 2372°F). These are suitable for vertical and horizontal low-pressure chemical vapour deposition (LPCVD), and both oxidation and diffusion processes with good resistance to temperature fluctuations.

FibercraftTM Ceramic Heating Elements

FibercraftTM ceramic heating elements are engineered using flat, powdered-metal wiring that is helically embedded in ceramic insulation. This novel arrangement triples the radiating surface of the heating element and provides maximum heat dissipation at significantly reduced operating costs.

Our FibercraftTM line comprises the FC-200 and FC-200L low mass ceramic heating elements are suitable for long service in LPCVD, oxidation, and diffusion treatment of semiconductor thin film arrangements. These processes can be carried out with outstanding degrees of repeatability across a temperature range of 200 – 1200°C (392 – 2192°F).

Ceramic Heating Elements from Thermcraft

Thermcraft has been engineering and supplying leading ceramic heating elements for semiconductor treatment procedures for decades. Our components have found routine application in the heat treatment of cutting-edge electronics and novel materials for emerging technologies.

If you would like any more information about using our ceramic heating elements for semiconductor fabrication, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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