Choosing the Appropriate Industrial Oven for your Application

While there are two main configurations of industrial ovens – batch and continuous – there are a variety of capabilities and classifications that need to be considered when choosing the optimal oven for your application. This blog post will outline some of the key considerations when choosing an industrial oven.


Temperature considerations are arguably the most crucial when choosing an appropriate industrial oven. Before even investigating potential industrial ovens, you need to ensure you know the absolute minimum and maximum temperature requirements of your application. The smaller the range between the minimum and maximum, the more likely you are to find a ready-to-ship oven.

You also need to distinguish if your industrial oven needs to be able to cool the materials inserted, in addition to the standard process of heating.

Heat Source

The heat source for your industrial oven should be considered as the different options available have their own pros and cons. Electrically heated ovens are a popular choice as their heat-up time is rapid, reducing the time spent on each batch, and they generally require little maintenance and have a long life span. This ultimately helps to save the company initial costs.

Gas fired industrial ovens should be considered for companies who want to keep running costs low but can afford an initial high expense.

When lower temperature ranges are acceptable and rapid heat-up is not an important factor, hot water industrial ovens can be employed.

Air Flow

Once you’ve decided on the temperature requirements and the heat source to be used, the air flow within the industrial oven should be the next consideration. In an industrial oven, successful air flow is crucial for the heat treatment process to be successful.

Different sizes of materials and the way in which the materials are stored or hung can affect the air flow and the pattern needs to be chosen accordingly.


The final important consideration when choosing an appropriate industrial oven is the space you have available to house it. If space is not an issue, the size of the industrial oven should not be a deciding factor.

If the space for the industrial furnace is limited, configurations such as bench top or stacked should be considered as they save a considerable amount of space.

Industrial Ovens from Thermcraft

Thermcraft have a long history in manufacturing industrial ovens. We supply a selection of ready-to-ship standard models, but if these don’t fit your application requirements we are also able to build custom industrial ovens that can meet your specifications.

If you have any questions about our range of industrial ovens, please contact us.

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