Contemporary Kiln

Since acquiring the Contemporary Kiln brand in 2008, Thermcraft has continued the traditions of innovation and quality that made Contemporary Kiln the number one kiln choice of quartz and glass processors all over the world. Contemporary Kilns have been at the forefront of kiln technology since 1964 and Thermcraft has maintained the same commitment to excellence.

Automatic Cooling Ovens

Contemporary Kiln automatic cooling ovens have integrated ventilation systems that introduce fresh filtered air into the kiln chamber in order to expedite the cooling process and reduce the process cycle time.
I. In the first cooling stage, the oven was turned off and allowed to cool naturally.

II. In the second stage, note the improved cooling provided with only the vents opened. Contemporary Kiln’s unique design includes both upper and lower dampers that open on command to provide efficient, natural cross ventilation. No system that provides only exhaust ventilation can cool this quickly and that’s without even turning on the blower. Our exclusive right angle exhausts prevent contamination from falling on your ware when opening and closing vents.

III. In the third stage, the oven cooling is accelerated even further as a large capacity blower provides eight air changes per minute of filtered air, bringing your ware down to a comfortable handling temperature within three hours from the start of the cycle. The ventilation system is completely automated so that it requires no operator intervention.

Other Contemporary Kiln Types Available

  • Electric Kilns
  • Front Loading Annealing Ovens
  • Gas Kilns
  • Top Loading Annealing Ovens
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