Custom Industrial Furnaces & Parts from Thermcraft

Thermcraft have years of experience in developing and manufacturing high-quality industrial furnaces and parts. In addition to our standard range, we also offer custom industrial furnaces and parts to fit specific requirements.

Our team of experienced sales engineers are able to help you build a custom industrial furnace configured to your exact requirements. We also supply custom parts for industrial furnaces.

All of our industrial furnaces are built with low watt density heating elements and a heavy gage steel sheet, and they can be built for any laboratory or industrial application.

Our custom industrial furnaces are available with either electrical or gas operation, and the peripheral equipment is designed by our engineering department.

This blog post will highlight two examples of custom products from Thermcraft, our custom industrial box furnaces, and custom insulation shapes.

Custom Industrial Box Furnaces

Thermcraft have developed a large amount of custom industrial furnaces over the past 25 years, including a selection of box furnaces. We can build box furnaces in a wide variety of sizes and in different temperature ranges.

We have built a custom box furnace with a muffle. This was specifically designed for sealed atmosphere operation at temperatures of up to 2012oF, and it was mounted on a cart to allow easy conversion to a standard box furnace.

Another box furnace we have custom built for a client was a dual chamber hardening/drawing furnace. This industrial furnace had an upper chamber for hardening operation at temperatures up to 2300oF and a lower chamber for drawing operations at temperatures up to 1200oF.

We built a box furnace for a client using silicon carbide heating elements to reach extremely high temperatures of 3000oF. This furnace had pneumatically operated doors and transformer tap switches to ensure operation was simple.

Our custom box furnaces are available in temperature ranges of up to 3092oF, and options for these furnaces include pneumatically operated doors, heated doors, view ports, and quench tanks. Thermcraft will perform the design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, wiring, testing, and installation for your custom industrial furnace, ensuring you’re supported throughout the entire process.

Custom Insulation Shapes

Thermcraft provides custom insulation shapes for industrial furnaces that can be formed as boards, cylinders, blocks, and sleeves. These shapes are developed in our high-production CNC controlled machining center, which enables us to produce complex, large, and precise insulation shapes with short lead times. These custom shapes are perfect for prototypes, small production runs, and applications that require tight tolerances.

A cost-saving approach to insulation shapes is our custom vacuum formed products. These shapes are produced using custom tooling and save money by reducing material waste and machining times.

The custom insulation shapes we produce can have high temperature tolerances of up to 3092oF and can be installed in industrial furnaces before or after the forming or machining operations.

If you would like some more information about our custom industrial furnaces or parts and how we can help you with your application, please contact us.

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