Custom Industrial Furnaces

Custom Industrial Furnaces

Industrial furnaces are used for a number of applications including annealing, debinding and thermal cycling. They are also used across many varying industries, so where standard design furnaces do not meet customer specifications, custom industrial furnaces can be manufactured. Thermcraft inc. can design and assemble custom build furnaces and ovens to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. Several differing designs of industrial furnace are available from Thermcraft, and any model can be adapted or built from scratch to suit specialised requirements.

Thermcraft has custom designed several tube furnaces to be used in specialised laboratory and industrial environments. These include the Rotary Tube furnace and the Tilting Split Tube Furnace. The rotary tube component of the rotary tube furnace can be manufactured in either quartz, ceramic or a high temperature alloy, whilst the tilting split tube furnace was angled so that the furnace could be tilted continuously. They can both be heated to at least 1000 degrees Celsius, ensuring both models are sufficiently versatile for any application.RotaryTubeFurnace

Available with large temperature ranges and in many differing structures, Thermcraft have manufactured a number of front loading box furnaces to custom requirements. This includes the Dual Chamber furnace which can be used for heat treating products in an oxygen free environment. Also installed into this model was a low level explosion detector, ensuring safety regulations were met. Whilst this furnace is suitable for laboratory and industrial applications, the Rod Over-bend box furnace was designed for industrial applications, with a swing door and specialized forklift access.



Thermcraft have extensive experience of manufacturing custom furnaces to a required specification. With many different options for access, size, materials and temperatures, Thermcraft’s custom industrial furnaces can be manufactured to suit any customer specification and application. Temperature ranges go up to 1700 degrees Celsius, and furnaces can be customised to include components such as pneumatic openers, view ports, standard controls and PLC controls. Any model can be built from scratch to exact specification with precision and accuracy.