Custom Industrial Ovens: High Performance in Any Industry

Custom Industrial Ovens: High Performance in Any Industry

Precision requires accuracy, which means that your industrial oven must accurately meet unique specifications to ensure precise heat treating results. The demands of many thermal processing applications can be satisfied by standard off-the-shelf industrial ovens and furnaces. Yet there are many industries and individual processes that require a defter approach. Custom industrial ovens are the primary solution for professionals with unique heat treatment objectives and requirements.

Thermcraft’s Custom Industrial Oven Capabilities

Thermcraft is one of the industry-leading custom industrial oven manufacturers worldwide. Based in the US, we have almost 50 years’ experience in the design and supply of bespoke thermal processing solutions for businesses and facilities in a diverse range of markets. From benchtop laboratory furnaces to large production-scale ovens, we have repeatedly demonstrated the capability for meeting customers’ demands in any industry.

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In this blog post, we will explore some of the key industries that we have supplied in the past. Bear in mind that this is a short selection. We are custom industrial oven suppliers with a customer-first approach, rather than tackling orders from an industry-perspective. If you would like to query us about potential orders for markets not covered in this article, please contact a member of the team today.

Aerospace & Automotive

The needs of aerospace and auto engineers are specific to the components, materials, and even the region they are working with/in. Designing a custom industrial oven for either market subsequently requires a flexible attitude with regards to chamber dimensions and tolerances. Our design process is consequently always carried out on a holistic basis.

Thermcraft engineers will take your process requirements and suggest the most appropriate design type for you, for example, including load-unload manipulators for heavy weight components like vehicle chasses and large, semi-cylindrical plates for aircraft superstructures.

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Ceramics & Glass

Heat treating ceramics and glass typically requires high temperatures with tight thermal control to preserve their characteristic microstructural properties, which are essential for ensuring their performance downstream. At Thermcraft, we offer custom industrial ovens with in-air temperature ranges up to 1700°C (3092°F) and even higher for inert atmospheres. We can also offer ovens specifically equipped for developing fiber optics. For more information on this, read our post What is a Fiber Optic Furnace?

Military & Pharmaceutical

Fulfilling defense contracts for custom industrial furnaces requires a unique understanding of the relevant specifications for military components. Heat treatment must be carried out to robust standards to guarantee performance in demanding end-use environments, including combat situations. At Thermcraft, we have decades of experience providing custom industrial furnaces according to a wide range of regional and international regulations. We are well-versed in the relevant ASTM standards for both military and pharmaceutical applications, allowing us to regularly meet the demands of tightly-regulated industries like military and pharmaceutical markets.

Semiconductors & OEMs

Semiconductors form the foundation of the digital age, and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are routinely exploring new options for semiconductor devices and substrates based on novel chemistries. This demands tailormade furnaces with unique dimensions and geometries. At Thermcraft, we excel in the design of custom industrial ovens for diffusion applications, at both proprietary and production scales. We continue to service businesses operating in ALD and CVD spaces as the demand for semiconductor-grade industrial ovens continues to grow worldwide.

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Custom Industrial Ovens from Thermcraft

As mentioned above, if you need any more information about our custom industrial oven capabilities or would like to request a quote on a bespoke furnace solution, simply contact a member of the Thermcraft team today.