Different Types of Industrial Furnaces Available from Thermcraft

Used to convert an energy source into thermal energy, industrial furnaces are used in a broad range of industries, from oil and gas, to plastics, to the chemical industry. This wide range of industries is a result of the vast applications that industrial heaters can be used for, such as annealing, sintering and material testing.

There are many different types of industrial furnaces for this large application range, and this blog post will discuss some that are available directly from Thermcraft.

Tube Furnaces

Tube furnaces are powered by either gas or electricity, and they are popular as they are very productive but require little maintenance.

This type of industrial furnace is very versatile, with the ability to perform annealing, hardening, and heat treatment among other processes. Often used for smaller samples, tube furnaces are an effective method for heating as they allow a fast temperature change and provide controlled temperature throughout the entire furnace.

Thermcraft provide a range of tube furnaces, including both split and solid tube industrial furnaces, and they can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

High Temperature Split Tube Furnace

These industrial furnaces can operate in temperature ranges up to a maximum of 1700oC.

Tube furnaces from Thermcraft can be customised to the users required specifications, and options include quartz viewing windows, vacuum or atmosphere retorts to provide gas or atmosphere tight operation and process tubes, which are recommended for flammable, toxic or corrosive gases.

Box Furnaces

This type of industrial furnace resembles a box, hence the name, and they have a door on one side that opens. Box furnaces have two chambers, the work chamber and the heat chamber. The material requiring heat treatment is placed in the work chamber and the industrial furnace generates heat in the heat chamber.

The simplicity of the design of box furnaces combined with the fact that they heat up rapidly and provide a uniform temperature make them a popular choice for a variety of processes, including pre-heating, baking and annealing.

A range of box furnaces are available from Thermcraft in both single zone and multiple zone heated chamber configurations. They have a temperature range up to 1700 oC.

Thermcraft will customise box furnaces to suit the users individual needs, options include heated doors, automation, sealed chamber with ports for atmosphere control and view ports.

Front Loading Box Furnace

Industrial Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft provide a range of industrial furnaces to suit all requirements. We sell a selection of standard designs, or we can manufacture customized industrial furnaces for exact specifications.

For those not wanting to buy new, we also provide used industrial furnaces that could benefit those with a smaller budget.

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