Ensuring the Efficiency of your Industrial Oven

Ensuring the Efficiency of your Industrial Oven

Industrial ovens are complex pieces of machinery, and ensuring they are running efficiently is critical for companies to keep energy usage and running costs down. This blog post will look at how companies can ensure that their industrial oven is running at the optimal efficiency.

Heat Sources in Industrial Ovens

Gas-fired industrial ovens are traditionally the most common type of oven, due to their low running costs compared to other heat sources. They work by heating the entire oven quickly and the heat is generally able to reach every part of the sample.

These industrial ovens often lose a large amount of energy and are not the most efficient choice. This energy loss is due to the fact the entire oven needs to be heated to a consistent temperature, heated gas escaping the oven, and powering the fans that distribute the gas around the oven.

Electric heated industrial ovens have risen in popularity over recent years due to their improved efficiency over the gas-fired alternative. These ovens have a fast heat-up time, and the electrical sources are able to heat specific sections of the oven – reducing any excess energy. Electrical industrial ovens also don’t require any additional fans or moving parts, keeping energy usage to a minimum.

With electrical industrial ovens, you are able to adjust the heat source to precise limits, ensuring that no more energy than required is utilized.

Efficiency Considerations

As discussed above, the heat source is the biggest consideration when choosing an industrial oven, but there is a selection of smaller considerations that can still have a big impact on the efficiency.

The number of doors and openings in an industrial oven needs to be kept to an absolute minimum, as these are the obvious places where heat is lost. Less opportunity for heat loss ensures that the industrial oven is more efficient.

The size of the chamber is another area to review when selecting an appropriate industrial oven. If you choose a chamber that is too big there will be a large amount of excess heat, reducing the efficiency of your industrial oven. An efficient oven will have a chamber that is the ideal size for its purpose, and therefore produce the least amount of excess heat.

The materials used to build your industrial oven can also impact the level of efficiency achieved. Insulated floor materials ensure that there is little heat loss, and the heat remains in the required chamber.

Industrial Ovens from Thermcraft

Thermcraft is a leading industrial oven manufacturer, and we have over 40 years’ experience in this industry. Our engineers are able to provide support and advice regarding industrial oven efficiency. If you would like any more information about our range of industrial ovens, please contact us.