The eXPRESS-LINE of Laboratory Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft manufactures a large range of high-quality thermal processing equipment, ranging from fully customized designs to quick-ship solutions.

With a focus on customer needs, we developed the eXPRESS-LINE laboratory furnaces, a fast-ship range that provides outstanding temperature uniformity and a programmable control system. Depending on your laboratory requirement, we supply a variety of furnaces such as split tube, box, and ashing furnaces.

Find details of some of the eXPRESS-LINE laboratory furnaces below. If you require any further information about the range the team at Thermcraft will be happy to answer any questions.

Protégé 1100oC Split Tube Furnace

An excellent choice to begin thermal processing in a laboratory environment, the Protégé XST 1100oC split tube furnace is designed to be compact and lightweight, making it suitable for laboratories that have limited space.

Changing process tubes and installing process tubes with the end seals still attached is simple with this furnace due to the hinged body that is split across its length. The Protégé has Fibercraft™ vacuum formed ceramic fiber heating elements with tube adapters integrated into the ends of the heater and free radiating wire embedded into the body. These heating elements provide rapid heat up and cool down, and excellent temperature uniformity.

1200oC Solid Tube Furnaces

XSL solid tube furnaces from the eXPRESS-LINE of laboratory furnaces are designed with a continuous solid body, and these furnaces use ceramic refractory heating elements with embedded resistance wire to ensure excellent temperature uniformity.

Before attaching the tube ends, the process tubes can be inserted through the furnace chamber. If multiple process tube sizes are required with one furnace, removing the end caps allows the tube adapters to be changed.

1400oC & 1600oC Box Furnaces

With safety in mind, the eXPRESS-LINE XSB box furnaces have a hinged vertical lift door that always keeps the hot door insulation facing away from the operator.

The door also has a safety switch that halts power to the heating elements when the door is opened and an air gap between the heated chamber exterior and furnace exterior surface to minimize the external temperature of the furnace.

This laboratory furnaces use Silicon Carbide (SiC) heating elements with a free radiating, dual helix design. The heating elements, furnace chamber, chamber threshold and hearth plate are all designed to be easily replaced if they become worn out.

Ashing Furnaces 1100oC

Designed to provide perfect conditions for the complete combustion of test samples, the XSB ashing furnaces use wound wire heating elements that are protected by hard ceramic plates.

Similar to the box furnaces, this type of eXPRESS-LINE laboratory furnace has a vertical lift door, safety switch and air gap to ensure operator safety.

SmartControl Standard Controller

All furnaces from the eXPRESS-LINE range have the Thermcraft SmartControl touch screen PID control system. This system combines all the features of typical PID controllers, data logging systems, and video/chart recorders into a single device. Similar to smartphones and tablets, SmartControl uses ‘slide nav’ finger icon navigation, making the control system accessible for all users.

The interface comes with standard, user configurable, runtime features for 1-10 zone control applications, and no PC software is required for configuration. There is a range of various additional features available for SmartControl, including remote access, FTP, email and SMS on alarm.

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