Furnace Suppliers for the Automotive Industry

Furnace Suppliers for the Automotive Industry

At Thermcraft, we supply various furnace specifications to the whole spectrum of construction and production industries. As leading furnace suppliers, we create customized heating systems and mechanisms for all purposes and processes. A significant percentage of our orders come from the automotive industry.

Task-specific Furnace Types

Virtually every component and composite of a modern car or vehicle is, at varying frequencies and intensities, exposed to thermal processing. Whether being hardened, normalized, tempered, or treated in some other way, the need for a steady stream of furnace and oven systems keeps furnace suppliers like Thermcraft on our toes. Our team collaborates and consults with customers to tailor furnace functions and ensure that each requisite heating task can be completed.

From compact to super-sized furnace heating compartments, to a variety of composite feeding methods and mechanisms such as conveyor or swing-door, the size, shape, and particular heating procedure dictates the kind of furnace model and the types of temperatures required.

Heat Treating of Common Automotive Components


Most brake discs are made from a combination of carbon and iron which, when treated at multi-staged temperatures in a specialist furnace, can be strengthened considerably. Carefully timed and controlled heating of brake parts will build their resistance to extreme temperatures, as well as the ability to perform under strain and pressure.

As specialist furnace suppliers, we understand that if treated at the appropriate temperatures and correct concentrations, the brake systems can become almost impervious to corrosion or cracking.

Engine Parts

Aluminum and steel are the predominant materials used in the manufacture of engine parts. As a relatively lightweight material, aluminum is relied upon for a multitude of automobile parts and mechanisms. As a supplementary but highly significant solution-making material, steel is also widely utilized. When hardened in our furnaces to increase its properties of sturdiness, the steel engine parts develop greater powers of protection and durability.


Due to the constant sliding and shifting of the gear stick against the box and panels, deterioration through friction and hydraulic fluid are commonplace for gear-related components. The quenching process in which gear teeth are strategically subjected to varying levels of thermal processing manipulates the inner structure of the steel and makes the whole structure more solid and, in turn, safer to use.

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A need for mechanized mobility as well as malleability means that gears can benefit greatly from the annealing process. Thermcraft’s extensive team of expert furnace suppliers use the latest cutting-edge furnace technology to expose steel gear parts to high-temperature heat treatments.

At Thermcraft, we believe that a successful furnace supplier must be flexible in its approach to the planning, design and production of a furnace that can fully meet the demands of industry as expansive as automotive heating and treatment. Contact us today if you would like to learn more.