Furnace Suppliers for the Aerospace Sector

Years of impeccable service and adherence to the highest self-set standards have allowed Thermcraft to carve out a place as leading furnace suppliers. We boast a bespoke, specialized service that is tough to beat. Constantly comparing our products with other furnace suppliers gives us a way to gauge the success of our own systems.

Taking a healthy interest in the latest developments from our competitors contributes to our ability to meet consistent levels and satisfy the expectations that our reputation has generated.

In the aerospace industry, the need for particular parts set to extremely specific applications is absolutely vital. As such, there are only a handful of global furnace suppliers who can deal with the demands and system stipulations that the heating and treatment of aerospace equipment carry. Our team of ingenious engineers and designers at Thermcraft count ourselves amongst that exclusive group.

Furnaces Commonly Used for Aerospace Applications

Dedicated and experienced furnace suppliers such as Thermcraft must be on hand to offer multiple heating system options so that customer requirements and specifications are completely catered for. The capability to design and construct highly functional but flexibly built furnace configurations is a necessity.

Here are our most commonly called upon heating systems for the heat treatment of components when it comes to aerospace application and assembly:

Chief Aerospace Applications

Heating to Withstand Stress

At Thermcraft, we are concerned about the damage often sustained as a side-effect of extreme welding and fusing of metal composites to one another. The effective treatment and counteraction of stressful manufacturing processes lead furnace suppliers to the careful consideration of how targeted heating of the metals can safeguard their properties.

Exposure to extreme high and low temperatures in a process known as annealing gives the internal substance and outer surface of the metal an extra protective shield, in turn, developing its durability.

Increased Solidity and Strength

The hardening of metals is a common solution, particularly in applications where the materials need to be strengthened in preparation for inhospitable atmospheres. There are few more unwelcoming, testing atmospheres than that encountered in outer space.

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By heating composites above the usual temperatures, they can expect to be subjected to and then suddenly reducing the temperatures, the material becomes an almost unbreakable mesh of solid and stable metal.

Combatting Corrosion Through Thermal Processing

The submission of a composite to the contradictory 2-stage process of quenching and tempering achieves 2 goals. The initial quenching dries out and dehydrates the metal to remove unwanted and potentially problematic liquids that may lead to rust and decay. However, over drying is a genuine risk as it leaves us with a brittle and easily breakable piece. Tempering goes some way to the mediation of this deterioration and mitigates the possibility of sudden disintegration.

Thermcraft: Leading Furnace Suppliers

Thermcraft is one of the world’s leading furnace suppliers, with our impressive portfolio of furnace and heating system models, variety and versatility representing the keys to our sustained success. Striving to adhere to nationally and globally-set standards gives us the edge, in terms of experience and expertise. Not only do our furnaces fulfill their role as multi-temperature emitting composites but, our consultation service shows evidence of our commitment to customer care and quality. Contact us today to learn more.

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