High Temperature Heating Element Geometries from Thermcraft

Electrical resistance heating is one of the most efficient forms of thermal processing for industrial sectors. It uses thermodynamically stable resistors to convert electricity into heat and high-performance insulation materials to distribute temperatures uniformly throughout a heating chamber. The most efficient high temperature heating elements are subsequently comprised of multiple materials. Precious and rare metals such as tungsten (W), and engineered ceramics like silicon carbide (SiC) are broadly used to fabricate high temperature heating elements of varied geometries to suit a range of furnace architectures.

This blog post will explore the high temperature heating element geometries available from Thermcraft in more detail.

Cast Plate High Temperature Heating Elements

Cast plate high temperature heating elements are single-piece ceramic heaters with customizable ID grooves to support gage wires of varying dimensions. Large gage wire variants provide higher wattage per square inch and low wire surface watt densities simultaneously. This translates into outstanding thermal efficiency and reduced heat-up times for continuous operating temperatures of 1204°C (2200°F).

Thermcraft’s cast plate heaters are available in two models: PH-C; and FPH-C. The latter includes flanged sides to enable custom configurations where uniform heating of circular components is integral.

Cylindrical and Semi-Cylindrical Shapes

Rounded high temperature heating elements require non-rigid resistors to be embedded or partially-embedded into vacuum-formed ceramic vestibules. They use a combination of a helically wound metal alloy (i.e. FeCrAl) ribbon and a structural ceramic fiber insulator. Thermcraft supplies an extensive range of cylindrical and semi-cylindrical heaters for pipe, tube, and bell-type furnaces.

Flat Plate High Temperature Heating Elements

Flat plate high temperature heating elements use helically wound metal alloy resistors to generate heat and flat, board-type ceramic fiber insulation to produce the structural framework of the heater. The wire may be fully-embedded or partially exposed to improve the diffusion of heat throughout the furnace chamber.

Thermcraft’s primary flat plate heaters are available in custom lengths and configurations, with continuous operating temperatures of 1204°C (2200°F).

Plug Air Heaters

Plug air high temperature heating elements are unique in that they use rod overbend or ribbon-type resistors that are fully exposed. These project into the furnace chamber of a forced air recirculating system, which is typically used for heat treating metals and alloys, surface finishing, polymerization, and more.

High Temperature Heating Elements from Thermcraft

Thermcraft is one of the world’s leading designers and suppliers of thermal processing equipment for industrial, academic, and commercial applications. Our high temperature heating elements have been used in applications as varied as cutting-edge R&D and commonplace, high throughput manufacturing.

If you would like any more information about our extensive product range, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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