Outlining Dual Chamber High Temperature Furnaces

High temperature furnaces are robust instruments that are typically encapsulated in heavy gage superstructures, with efficient heating elements and insulating components providing the necessary thermodynamic environment for distinct heat treatment processes. This arrangement can result in a high device footprint, often forcing industrial and laboratory facilities to compromise between specificity and versatility.

The dual chamber high temperature furnace from Thermcraft aims to resolve this situation by providing a rugged heat treatment component capable of performing multiple thermal processing methods at varying temperature requirements.

This article will explore the dual chamber tool room furnace in further detail:

Dual Chamber High Temperature Furnaces

The dual chamber tool room furnace from Thermcraft is designed with heavy structural steel plates and a robust framework that encapsulates two distinct heating chambers. This array enables materials to be treated at temperatures as high as 1472°C (2600°F) in the upper chamber and at reduced temperatures of 927°C (1700°F) in the lower chamber, where recirculated air is used to improve thermal uniformity of the heat-treating process. An optional quench bath can be installed on casters at the bottom of the high temperature furnace, to ensure that any treated alloys or products can be rapidly and easily quenched.

The primary chamber of this high temperature furnace is equipped with eight silicon carbide heating rods which are positioned above and below the work area, with ceramic fiber heating elements of 9 – 10” thicknesses providing exceptional insulation. These components can withstand hot-face temperatures of between 1316 – 1472°C (2400 –2600°F) for highly repeatable curing processes, while the mechanically-stable floor of the chamber is comprised of exceptionally strong firebrick materials.

The secondary hearth is similarly equipped with ceramic fiber insulation and firebrick flooring, but its heating elements are alloy coils. Air is continuously recirculated through these elements and through the work area using a series of stainless steel fans with air-cooled bearings. This vastly improves the thermal uniformity of the heating process, which is monitored by electronic controls that automatically shut off the heating elements if the fan ceases to operate.

This high temperature furnace is suitable for both industrial processing of end-products and materials testing in the development stage of commercial products.

High Temperature Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft has an established range of high temperature furnaces and heat treatment products, which are available on both a ready-made and custom basis. Our dual chamber tool room furnace is available with a choice of dimensional capacities and optional extra capabilities. It can be equipped with inert atmosphere capabilities, a power-operated pneumatic door, and internal alloy rollers. The controls can be augmented with data recorders to collect heat treatment information at stages throughout the treatment process.

If you would like any more information about our high temperature furnaces, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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