The Importance of Using High Temperature Insulation Materials in Furnaces

Within an industrial furnace, there are many different components that ensure it is performing successfully, and insulation is one of these important components. There are many benefits of using a high temperature insulation material in furnaces, and there is a range of materials that are used as insulation materials, this blog post will highlight both.

High Temperature Insulation Material Benefits

Industrial furnaces operate at extremely high temperatures, so high temperature insulation materials are critical to ensuring that the furnace runs safely and efficiently. One use for insulation within an industrial furnace is to ensure operator safety. The outer body of an industrial furnace can become extremely hot when the furnace has been in use, so operators who are transporting samples in and out of furnaces are at risk of being burnt.

The use of high temperature insulation can ensure that the heat is not transferred to the outer body, reducing the risk of burns to operators.

Insulation is also important to improve the efficiency of an industrial furnace. When the chamber within the furnace is heated, some of this heat can escape, so more heat is needed to reach the required temperatures. High temperature insulation can reduce the amount of heat dissipation, making the industrial furnace more efficient. Insulation within the chamber also ensures a uniform heat is reached, which ensures heat treatment is carried out more effectively.

High Temperature Insulation Materials from Thermcraft

Depending on the application requirements, there is a range of materials that can be used as insulation materials in furnaces. Thermcraft supply a full range of high temperature insulation materials to suit different requirements.

The semi-cylindrical insulation from Thermcraft is available with and without vestibules, and this insulation can be used with our range of ceramic heaters, or with existing cylindrical and semi-cylindrical fiber heaters.

The fiber blanket insulation from Thermcraft is strong, lightweight, and has low heat storage. It is available in temperature ranges from 2300oF to 2800oF, and it can be used to wrap the heaters to provide additional with little rigidity. This insulation material has excellent handling strength, is resistant to thermal shock and corrosion, and has low thermal conductivity.

Thermcraft also manufactures flat plate heater insulation available in boards with thicknesses of ½”, 1”, 1½, and 2”. These boards come in a standard size of 24” x 36” but can be easily cut, drilled, sawed, machined, or fabricated. This type of high temperature insulation can be used as an additional insulation for ceramic fiber heaters in furnaces, with or without flanges.

The flat plate heater insulation is made of ceramic fibers and provides low thermal conductivity, resistance against thermal shock and chemical corrosion, and has high temperature stability. Depending on the amount of insulation required, these boards can be used in single or multiple layers.

If you would like any more information about high temperature insulation materials from Thermcraft, and any custom orders or special applications, please contact us.

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