Industrial Ovens: The Various Types and Their Applications

An industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used to perform a wide range of applications within industry. Generally, industrial ovens process a raw material at extremely high temperatures to perform a heat treatment process.

Typical applications for industrial ovens include food production, chemical processing, and even the electronics industry. This blog post will discuss some common industrial ovens and their applications.

Curing Ovens

Curing is a heat-treatment process that is used to accelerate a chemical reaction. Curing ovens perform this process by heating a raw material to a specific temperature in order to activate this reaction. Industrial ovens used for curing are used for a range of applications with raw materials including coatings, adhesives, and rubber.

Drying Ovens

A drying oven is designed to remove any moisture from the raw material placed within it. These industrial ovens undertake a three-step process; first is the heat-up, where the material is heated to the temperature required to remove the moisture in a specified time. The next stage is the soak, this is where the material is left to ‘soak’ in the heat for a specific amount of time. Finally, the oven has a cool-down stage, where the heated air is exhausted from the oven and cooler ambient air is fed in. Drying ovens can also be used for sterilization, incubating temperature sensitive experiments, and temperature testing.

Batch Ovens

A variety of different heat treatment processes can be performed in a batch oven, including curing, drying, aging, and annealing. Batch ovens are used when the same heat treatment process is required to be performed at different times, and if the raw material to be processed changes between batches. Depending on the production requirements, the batches of raw materials can be placed inside the industrial oven on carts, racks, or trucks. Manual or automated loading can also be accommodated if required.

Continuous Ovens

Similar to batch ovens, continuous ovens can perform a range of different heat treatment processes. This type of industrial oven is chosen for mass-production of the same raw material in a consistent heat treatment process. Continuous ovens often have separate heating and cooling chambers, which helps to speed up the heat-treatment process as you do not need to wait for a single chamber to cool down. Processing time is often reduced in continuous ovens, and the final results are always consistent.

Industrial Ovens from Thermcraft

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