Aerospace Furnaces

Aerospace Furnaces

Specifications don’t come much more stringent than when providing furnaces and other heating equipment for the aerospace industry.

Furnaces supplied to be applied in aero and astronautical atmospheres must be aligned with the strictest standards and testing systems. Aerospace furnaces that can fully-function within an inner-atmosphere flight have particular parts that cannot be replaced with components of a lower classification. Compliance with a long list of internationally-recognized regulations is crucial.

TransTemp & Tube Furnace Types

TransTemp and Tube furnaces are two leading tried and tested aerospace furnace models that are commonly utilized in the aerospace industry, with the former being the frontrunner for larger production facilities, due to its inflated heating performance capabilities.

A uniformly regulated, controlled and sustained temperature, causing the outer casing to become transparent makes our TransTemp furnace a uniquely fascinatingly formulated furnace.

Custom Furnaces

At ThermCraft, because we’re all too aware that the requirements of our furnace users are always being reviewed and changed, we offer a collection of custom-made models that can be created in line with your evolving expectations.

Within the infinitely evolving and unpredictable environment of an alternative atmosphere, an aerospace furnace must be designed with durability and dependability in mind.

Box furnaces

Innovative versatility is the key concept with our Box furnace. A range of creations and configurations, coupled with the simplicity of design make ThermCraft’s Box furnace a highly adaptable application.

Customers looking for a solid straightforward solution to their furnacing needs should look no further than our Box furnace offerings.

High Temperature Split Tube Furnace

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