Ceramic Furnaces

The need for furnaces in the making of ceramics is more obvious than in other industries.

As the finishing touch to harden and formulate a completed component, the time spent and intensity of the heat emitted in a ceramics furnace are important factors. Without a first-rate ceramics furnace, the end product would simply not be up to par.

Tube Furnaces

The trusted choice of customers who want a furnace to fit into compact compartments or crevices, our Tube Furnaces can stand vertically or horizontally coming in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Ideal for the heating of small/mid-sized matter, these pint-sized ceramic furnaces still possess the power to reach searingly hot sustainable temperatures.

Custom-designed Furnaces

Our Custom-Designed Ceramics furnaces cater to every customer request. From key considerations like capacity inside the heating compartment or furnace operating temperatures to more personalized touches such as viewing windows, handle types and aesthetic design, ThermCraft has the specialist support to deliver on your demands.

With a crack team of expert engineers walking you through the planning, design and production process, even those of you with a cursory knowledge of furnaces can have confidence in our customer care.

To see an impressive portfolio of specifically manufactured models, check the images on our website to see how many ceramics ovens we’ve proudly provided for our satisfied service users.

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