Medical Ovens

Medical Ovens

The range of regulations and requirements that have to be strictly adhered to in the medical industry means the machinery and tools used have to be totally trustworthy. At the forefront of every medical professional’s mind is the need to ensure safety and security.

Medical ovens are deployed in a diverse spectrum of situations. Whether applied to the hardening, molding, softening or sterilizing of clinical components or medical material, a diverse selection of state-of-the-art medical ovens is in constant high demand.

Machinery for Multi-taskers

A trusted favorite for anyone who has multiple numbers of pieces and parts that need to be oven-heated and processed all at the same time, our multi-door oven models often do the trick.

Our industry experts understand the potential application of every oven they produce. The medical oven models we recommend are designed distinctly for customers looking to conduct multiple thermal procedures with differing purposes at one regulated temperature.

Custom-made Bench Top Ovens

The accurate and professionally assured ability to replicate exact heating methods and standards is as important in the development and treatment of medical supplies as it is anywhere else. Our Bench Top medical ovens, aside from mobility, offer exceptional heat emission that can guarantee temperature uniformity for sustained periods of time.

At ThermCraft, our impressive range of base configurations can be customized and modified to fit the demands of your medical facility’s day-to-day activities. We have a team of manufacturing wizards and engineers who you can consistently consult with to update your medical oven when your needs evolve.

High Temperature Split Tube Furnace

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