Pharmaceutical ovens

Unbeknownst to most, there is a concerning catalog of ways in which the pharmaceutical products that we trustingly use on a daily basis can be contaminated before they even reach the store.

In line with FDA regulations, a significant amount of base chemicals and components must be treated carefully and heated in custom-built ovens to prevent contamination from harmful pyrogens. Because of this, countertop, compact ovens are commonplace in any fully-equipped pharmacy or medical manufacture environment.

Table Top Shelf Oven

Perfectly sized and suited to being set upon a lab or pharmacy counter, ThermCraft’s Table Top Shelf Oven ticks all the boxes of a pharmacist’s oven-heating procedures.

A tight-fitting pharmaceutical oven which is light enough to be moved by one man, it assumes the appearance of a mini-fridge or microwave when it’s fitted with a viewing window.

A multi-shelf interior allows the owner to heat multiple materials at one time at a strictly regulated temperature.

Specialists in Specialization

We know that the requirements for a pharmaceutical oven are always evolving so we earnestly encourage you to share your particular purpose with us. This way, we can guarantee the perfect product for you and all of our customers.

As with virtually all of our shop window oven products and prototypes, adjustments and modifications can be made to match the expectations of the customer. What you see on the website is just an introduction to our design and distribution capabilities.

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