Nuclear Furnaces

Nuclear Furnaces

Just the word ‘nuclear’, makes us all stand up and take notice. Any industrial application involving nuclear power, whether using minor amounts of material or that of a greater magnitude, carries potentially catastrophic consequences.

Any significant failure on the part of a nuclear furnace’s functions or operation could result in disaster. A configuration of characteristically volatile compounds, elements and atoms being exposed to searingly high temperatures in a sustained environment of thermal processing is always going to be a technical task.

Proficiency Under Pressure

The need of the nuclear industry for highly sophisticated, faultlessly-designed nuclear furnace technology goes without saying. That’s where our proficient team of professional engineers come in.

As one of the only furnace makers on Earth that offer such a detailed selection of heating control systems – programmable temperature controllers, LED digital displays, SCR power control modules, etc – our display panels give complete power to the user

Safe System Operation

To ensure the safety of settings, parts and parameters, our nuclear furnace features have to be user-friendly with easy to follow functions and capabilities.

With the correct training from our specialists, our customers can confidently operate our most advanced, easy to use nuclear furnaces with the touch of a button. Our latest nuclear furnaces fresh off the production lines give the operator the option to regulate and time every heating process with a monitor, recorder and alarm to prevent any possible mishaps.

High Temperature Split Tube Furnace

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