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R&D University Furnaces

The furnacing needs of a laboratory or research facility differ significantly from those of industries that might simply be in search of a high-spec heater to incinerate or bond components together.

The technical aspect attached to the activities of a team of scientists who are carrying out groundbreaking research is of a personal and particular nature. That’s why Thermcraft’s purpose-built product line contains the perfect match for any organization looking for R&D University furnaces.

Strictly Specialized Systems

At ThermCraft, our R&D University furnaces are the first port of call for any large-scale scientific facilities or institutions that want to rely on the most effective furnace models.

We carry R&D University furnaces of shapes, specifications and structures that are tweaked and tailored to our customers’ specific furnacing needs. Our team has strived to arrive at an industry-recognized standard of lab furnaces. The result is a sample selection of our Express-Line Laboratory Furnaces. As the name suggests, this group of similarly constructed but modified furnaces has been painstakingly put together through constant consultation and collaboration with laboratory professionals.

Laboratory-specific Furnaces

The highly reliable R&D University furnaces allow research teams to replicate experimental conditions regarding exact temperatures, timings and thermal processes. These capabilities are of paramount importance when attempting to control variables and standardize a test setting.

No other furnace manufacturer can lay claim to the careful creation of such an industry-specific R&D University furnace product.

High Temperature Split Tube Furnace

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