Understanding ISO 6245

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is an independent non-governmental agency. The ability to act unhindered by outside association allows the organization to give fair and just judgment in all standardized testing situations. Before the emergence of such a well-structured, world-renowned regulatory body, restrictions were few and far between, giving big business free rein.

Made up of like-minded, forward-thinking experts whose remit is to provide safer products and services in all major industries, an ISO standard is a highly sought-after stamp of approval. Requiring a 75% vote of confidence, the level of cooperation that goes into the painstaking preparation and eventual passing of a new standard is proof of its authenticity.

ISO 6245 is yet another example of the ISO’s dedicated work and distinction in the field.

ISO 6245: Test Overview

ISO 6245 is a carefully conducted test to identify the appearance and amount of ash content in a variety of petroleum products. Fluids such as fuel oils, crude petroleum and waxes are of specific interest, as they are known to excrete the highest residual rates when radiated or heated at the highest temperatures.

ISO 6245 proposes that any ash-forming constituents present are undesirable impurities or contaminants. The leftover levels of ash are regularly the dispelled result of oil-soluble or water-soluble metallic compounds or from extraneous solids such as dirt and rust.

A highly adaptable test, ISO 6245 can be applied to any configuration of components that has the potential ash content percentage of as low as less than 1%.

ISO 6245: Applications for Thermcraft Furnace Production

Tests such as ISO 6245 are an integral precursor to the design and development of all of our furnace lines at Thermcraft. An assurance of absolute and unequivocal user protection is something we pride ourselves on providing.

Our popular ‘Ashing Box Furnace with Integrated Control System’ can be useful for analysing the dirty, dusty, and unwanted excess of hydrocarbon samples according to ISO standards. This is a crucial phase of quality assurance and control (QA/QC) in the petrochemicals sector, where products are certified to the relevant regulations.

Best Practice Through ISO 6245

At Thermcraft we go that extra mile to make sure that our extreme heat-emitting equipment, particularly our furnaces, is stringently standardized and up-to-code with the very latest in testing techniques. The unquestionable quality and superiority of our heating appliances are there for all to see. However, the completion of ISO 6245 standardization gives us the literature and expertise to make confident claims about, not only the caliber but, also the versatility of our furnaces.

Furnace operation is a specialist skill that should be carried out with the greatest care. Let our checked and certified furnaces give you the very best base to start with. If you would like more information, simply contact a member of the Thermcraft team today.

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