A muffle furnace is specially designed to isolate whatever you are heating from the heat source, thus shielding it from any combustion byproducts. Muffle furnaces can achieve high temperatures while isolating the heated materials in a sealed atmosphere, thereby reducing the chance of cross-contamination between the heat source and the heated materials.

Providing a wide range of applications

They can help scientists and technicians determine the levels of non-volatile material present in a sample and use high temperatures to discover the chemical properties of glass, ceramics, and other materials. These furnaces are useful in many fields of industrial research including bioanalysis, medicine, petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastics, semiconductors, textiles, and others.

Used for heat-treating metals and alloys, they are also helpful when producing superalloys and refractory metals. Other applications include making enamel coatings, melding glass, and soldering and brazing parts.

Easy conversion to a standard box furnace

Thermcraft’s muffle-type box furnace is designed to reach temperatures of up to 1100°C (2012°F). It features a muffle mounted on a cart that allows the easy conversion to a standard box furnace from a muffle furnace as the need arises. Offering superior temperature control and uniform heat distribution, Thermcraft muffle furnaces can be custom designed to your specifications. Noted for their energy efficiency, they provide the exacting control you need to conduct research and analysis.

Custom-designed to meet your specific needs

Muffle furnaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can usually accommodate your applications. Our custom design capabilities can expand your options to ensure you get the furnace features you require. When purchasing a muffle furnace, customers often focus on size, cost-effectiveness, and energy efficiency. Thermcraft prides itself on delivering these attributes, and more, such as outstanding service and industry-recognized reliability and durability.

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