What Needs to Be Considered When Purchasing a Custom Furnace

What Needs to Be Considered When Purchasing a Custom Furnace

Custom furnaces are an ideal choice for companies who require a furnace with very specific specifications. Whether your company has limited space and needs a compact furnace, or a certain fuel source is desired, there are many things to consider before purchasing a custom furnace.


The initial furnace cost should be a major consideration for any company. Additional features will increase the initial cost of a custom furnace, so companies with a tight budget should only select essential features to keep costs down.

The overall cost of a custom furnace does not end with the initial furnace price; the price of the installation is also something to take into account. Is the custom furnace large and bulky, resulting in higher shipping costs? Are expensive additional fixtures needed to install the furnace?

The final cost consideration are the overall running costs of the furnace. Before purchasing a custom furnace, the energy costs and maintenance costs need to be reviewed. It is often more cost-efficient to spend a bit more on a furnace initially in order to reduce costs further down the line.

Thermcraft provide a range of custom furnaces to suit all budgets, our sales engineers will help you build a furnace at a price point suitable for your company.

Furnace Features

As mentioned briefly in the previous section, the more features chosen for a custom furnace, the higher the cost. The possibilities when choosing features for your custom furnace are almost endless, but they need to be considered wisely.

The size of the custom furnace is an important feature. If you require a compact furnace due to space restrictions, you must also ensure that the furnace can still achieve everything that it is intended to. On the other hand, if a custom furnace needs to be large and bulky to complete the required task, do you have the space to install it?

The temperature range of the custom furnace is also a major consideration. While a broad range may look more appealing, it can be harder to achieve as different heater technology has different maximum temperatures. Indicating a desired temperature that will be used most often is preferred, as it is a more cost-effective decision.

There are various options available from Thermcraft for our custom furnaces. View ports, pneumatic openers and standard and PLC controls are all available as features, and furnaces are available with temperature ranges up to 1700oC.

GasFiredBoxFurnace-640x790(Gas Fired Box Furnace)


Support and Aftercare

A good custom furnace manufacturer will provide support through every step of the buying process. You want to be sure throughout that you are buying a furnace from a manufacturer that has a great reputation and a vast knowledge of their product.

Has the manufacturer provided you with a point of contact if you have any questions throughout the buying process? Are they providing advice on the best solution to your requirements, or are they just trying to up-sell things you don’t require? These are important questions to think about.

Once the custom furnace is installed, you would expect the manufacturer to be there for any aftercare needs. Consider how long of a warranty they provide and once the warranty has expired, does the manufacturer still provide support and repairs?

Thermcraft provide a full service from the initial concept to the final product, our sales engineers work with you throughout the entire configuration process and our service teams provide on-site service work when required.