Front Loading Box Furnaces

Thermcraft provides front-loading box furnaces via a global supply network, providing unique thermal processing solutions to satisfied customers around the world. Our box, or muffle, furnaces are equipped with high-purity refractory heating elements and tailormade ceramic fiber insulation to guarantee excellent temperature uniformity for both production and research scale operations.

Based on standard cuboid dimensions, our furnaces are configured to meet the unique requirements of customers in different fields. We can provide box ovens with conventional side-swing door and retort-type loading entrances, as well as PLC-controlled manipulators for automated loading and unloading of large sample types.

Thermcraft can also satisfy a broad range of demands in terms of heating chamber volumes, from small-scale benchtop systems to oversized industrial-scale front-loading box furnaces.

Thermcraft: Front-Loading Box Furnace Suppliers

Thermcraft was founded with the aim of becoming embedded in our customers’ buying processes, providing a completely informed service to meet the unique demands of every client. Our front-loading box furnaces are available as complete solutions and you can browse our full range of ready-made products below.

We also offer an unmatched furnace design service, with the capability for tailoring each and every thermal processing solution that we provide to individual customer requirements. If you would like more information on our custom front-loading box furnaces, simply contact a Thermcraft sales representative today.

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