High Temp Heaters and Insulation

Thermcraft High Temperature Ceramic Heating Elements, Insulation Packages and Custom Heating Elements

Thermcraft high temperature ceramic heating elements are available with maximum temperatures of 1010°C, (1850°F), 1100°C (2000°F), and 1204°C, (2200°F). Flat plate, cylindrical and semi-cylindrical shapes are offered and can be customized to meet your specifications.

The following examples are some of the standard units which are produced by Thermcraft. For the design and engineering of a custom heater please contact us directly.

Available Types

  • Fibercraft™ Low Mass Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Heating Elements
  • Ceramic Refractory Heating Elements
  • Cast Plate Heating Elements
  • Plug Air Heating Elements
  • Tubular Heating Elements
  • Ceramic Band Heating Elements
  • Strip Heating Elements
  • Cartridge Heating Elements
  • Immersion Heating Elements
  • Molydisilicide Heating Elements
  • Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
  • Rod Overbend Heating Elements
  • Coiled Wire Heating Elements
  • Ribbon-Type Heating Elements
  • Platinum or Molybdenum Ceramic Heating Elements
  • Metallic Sheath Heating Elements

Fibercraft™ Low Mass Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Heating Elements

Fibercraft™ low mass vacuum formed ceramic fiber heating elements are a heating element and insulation together in one complete unit. These heaters are manufactured using high quality, high purity alumina based ceramic fiber. They are offered with maximum operating temperatures of 1100°C (2012°F) or 1200°C (2192°F).

The Fibercraft™ advantages include lower operating costs, increased radiant energy, longer life, low heat loss, more energy efficient, faster heat up, greater temperature uniformity, faster recovery rates, reduced process cycle time, less maintenance, faster cool down, less installation time, and greater productivity.