Adjustable Shelf Recirculating Oven

Large-scale with a low factory footprint, Thermcraft’s Adjustable Shelf Recirculating Oven combines an expansive heating chamber with minimal workshop invasiveness. Custom designed for a specialist application, the Adjustable Shelf Recirculating Oven featured shelves that could be vertically adjusted depending on the load configuration. It required no extensive ducting nor connection to existing ventilation systems due to its integrated recirculation filter. Air was drawn out of the chamber through a filter and purified before being pumped back into the working environment safely.

Custom Adjustable Shelf Recirculating Ovens from Thermcraft

At Thermcraft, we understand that no two factory floors are the same, which is why we approach all customers with a holistic mindset. While the Adjustable Shelf Recirculating Oven was a proprietary design, we can custom-build ovens for your application based on similar specifications. We believe this is the ideal way to get the most of your thermal processing equipment and your operating environment in a cost-efficient and safe manner.

If you would like to learn more about how we can tailor our thermal processing product range to your requirements, simply contact a member of the Thermcraft team today. You can also refer to our Capabilities Catalog for more insight into our design capabilities.


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