High Temperature Split Tube Furnace

Thermcraft’s Hinged High Temperature Split Tube Furnaces are for applications that need temperatures up to 1530°C (2800°F). We can customize our tube furnaces to be single zone or multiple zone configurations, and design them for vertical or horizontal operation. The furnace pictured has (SiC) silicone carbide heating elements. Higher temperature furnaces can be designed with (MoSi2) molybdenum disilicide heating elements and insulation rated for temperatures up to 1700°C (3092°F).

Tube Furnace Brochure

With a split tube furnace, you’re able to handle a wide range of different thermal processes and industries like heat treatment, ceramics, chemical processing, glass production and powder metallurgy. 

 In specific instances, you might want inorganic or organic purification, degassing, drying, annealing, sublimation, tensile testing, graphitization, pyrolysis and more.

Tube furnaces can be designed to operate under various atmospheres, making them versatile for different processes. The split tube furnace design ensures that various materials can be inserted and removed without any issues.

Safety is always paramount. For example, when the furnace door opens, the heating elements are turned off to help protect workers. Other features keep operators out of danger. 


  • Up to 1800°C maximum temperature
  • Can accept work tubes that each have an outer diameter up to 1,200 mm
  • Extremely durable, the furnace consistently provides precise temperature stability
  • Heats more efficiently – and evenly – than other methods

Given the range of our capabilities and innovation, we’re positioned to provide the best split tube furnace for your needs. The talented professionals in our engineering and manufacturing departments can handle customers’ specific requirements.

Dimensions 67 × 27 × 22 cm

1121°C (2050°F)




20 kw









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