Protégé Compact Split Tube Furnace with Integrated Control System (1100°C)

The Protégé XST split tube furnace has a compact, lightweight, space saving design. This model is an excellent choice to begin thermal processing in a laboratory environment. The hinged body which is split along its length allows for easy process tube changes and simple installation of process tubes with end seals attached.

The Protégé has Fibercraft™ vacuum formed ceramic fiber heating elements with free radiating wire embedded into the body of the heater and tube adapters integrated into the ends.

Excellent temperature uniformity and a programmable control system make the Protégé a valuable addition to any lab.


Due to its compact size and weight, this product will ship via Ground shipping. Please purchase this product separately or shipping charges will not calculate.



  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature (continuous operating temperature is 100°C below maximum temperature)
  • Vacuum formed ceramic fiber heating elements ensure rapid heat up, excellent temperature uniformity and quick cool down
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Safety switch disconnects power to heating elements when opened
  • Standard Thermcraft P91 PID control system, 9 Programs with up to 64 Segments per program (see control system descriptions)
  • Long life Inconel sheathed Type K thermocouple
  • Accepts process tube outer diameters up to 1.25″ (31mm)
  • Heated length 12″ (304mm)
  • Furnace and controller ship fully assembled and ready for connection to incoming power supply


  • Choice of two different programmable controllers with optional communications
  • Process tubes in various sizes and materials (Coming Soon)
  • Process tube end seals for gas and vacuum (Coming Soon)
  • Custom sized tube adapters available upon request, up to 1.75″ (44mm) (may extend delivery time)

Temperature Profiles

  • Uniformity profile taken at a set-point of 1100°C
  • ±5°C over 8″ (203mm), ±1°C over 4″ (76mm)

  • Heat-up time measured from ambient to 1100°C at 100% power output
  • Cool-down rate measured with top closed and power shut off
  • Faster cool-down rates can be achieved with forced cooling and top open (reduces heater life)

Thermcraft P91, Eurotherm 2416 Controllers

These 1/16 DIN size PID controllers offer up to 288 segments of programmable temperature control

  • Standard Thermcraft P91, Programs 1 – 4 have up to 16 segments, Programs 5 – 7 have up to 32 segments, Programs 8 – 9 have up to 64 segments
  • Optional Eurotherm 2416CP offers 16 programmable segments, each segment may be set as a ramp, dwell or step

Options and Upgrades

  • All controllers can be upgraded to include either RS485 or RS232, 2-wire, with industry-standard Modbus protocol
  • Custom options and upgrades available upon request (extends delivery time)

ModelMax Temp
Heat ZonesHeat Up Time
Max OD Process Tube
in. (mm)
Heated Length
in. (mm)
External Dimensions
in. (mm)
Max Power
couple Type
lbs (kg)
XST-2-0-12-1V111001301.25 (31)12 (304)14x16x11
120012010K32 (15)
XST-2-0-12-1V211001301.25 (31)12 (304)14x16x11
832/1200208/2404/5K32 (15)

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