Solid Tube Furnace with Interconnected Control System (1200°C)

Product Overview

The XSL solid tube furnaces have a continuous solid body design. Process tubes can be inserted through the furnace chamber before attaching end seals.

These furnaces use ceramic refractory heating elements with embedded resistance wire. The tube adapters can be changed by removing the end caps so that multiple process tube sizes can be used with one furnace.

Temperature uniformity is excellent due to the heavy ceramic refractory heating elements and continuous solid tube heated chamber.


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  • 1200°C maximum operating temperature (continuous operating temperature is 100°C below maximum temperature)
  • Ceramic refractory with embedded wire heating elements ensure excellent temperature uniformity
  • Thermcraft SmartControl touch screen PID control system (see control system descriptions)
  • Accepts process tube outer diameters up to 2.75″ (69mm)
  • Heated lengths up to 24″ (609mm)
  • Includes 1 set of tube adapters sized to desired internal diameter
  • 10′ (3m) interconnecting and power cables
  • Furnace and controller ship fully assembled and ready for connection to incoming power supply
  • Can be used in horizontal or vertical orientation


  • The SmartControl can be upgraded to include profile programming, data acquisition and communications. These options can be purchased individually or separately and can also be purchased as an upgrade after the unit has been shipped and installed
  • Independent over temperature control
  • Additional sets of tube adapters
  • Process tubes in various sizes and materials (coming soon)
  • Process tube end seals for gas and vacuum (coming soon)
  • Eurotherm 2404 series controls and communications upgrades
  • Available without control system
  • Custom options and upgrades available upon request, such as output control of external devices, actuators, flow controllers, etc. (extends delivery time)

Temperature Profiles

  • Uniformity profile taken at a set-point of 1200°C
  • ±5°C over 5″ (127mm), ±1°C over 2″ (51mm)
  • Uniform length increases respectively in furnace models with longer heated lengths.

  • Heat-up time measured from ambient to 1200°C at 100% power output
  • Cool-down rate measured with power shut off
  • Faster cool-down rates can be achieved with forced cooling (reduces heater life)

SmartControl Standard Controller

The SmartControl System combines all of the features of typical PID controllers, video/chart recorders and data logging systems into a single, intuitive device. The SmartControl provides a 4.3” color touch screen interface with standard, user configurable, runtime features for 1-3 zone control applications. All loop configuration and runtime user access is configurable at the device with no PC software required. SmartControl supports 1-3 control zones, offering up to 4 control outputs per zone, powerful profiling capabilities including up to three event outputs and more.

Integrated LAN features include e-mail, SMS (text messaging) on alarm, FTP (file transfer protocol for automated file transfer/data backup), remote access (web and VNC embedded servers) and national timeserver time synchronization are standard. The web and VNC servers allow remote access using a PC, tablet or other smart phone devices.

If you can use a “smart device” (iPhone, Android, etc.), you can use SmartControl!
User configurable with “slide nav” finger navigation similar to “smart devices” or with a traditional drop down menu system, SmartControl is intuitive to operate and use. With one touch language configuration for all icons, menus and help screens, SmartControl provides ease of use in any one of 28 languages.

Optional Eurotherm 2404 Series Controllers

These 1/4 DIN size PID controllers offer up to 64 segments of programmable control. Each program segment can be a ramp, step or dwell.

  • 2404CC offers 8 programmable segments
  • 2404CP offers 16 programmable segments
  • 2404P4 offers 4 programs with 16 segments per program

The 2404 series controllers can be upgraded to include EIA485 2-wire, 4 wire or EIA232. With industry-standard protocols including: Modbus, DeviceNet®, Profibus DP, and Eurotherm® Bisync

ModelMax Temp
Heat ZonesHeat Up Time
Max OD Process Tube
in. (mm)
Heated Length
in. (mm)
Furnace External Dimensions
in. (mm)
Control External Dimensions
in. (mm)
Max Power
couple Type
lbs (kg)
XSL-3-0-12-1C12001602.75 (69)12 (304)15x15x18
226023010K53 (24)
XSL-3-0-18-1C12001652.75 (69)18 (457)15x21x18
344023015K71 (33)
XSL-3-0-24-1C12001702.75 (69)24 (609)15x27x18
452023020K89 (41)

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