What is a Rotary Tube Furnace?

By definition, a rotary tube furnace is a heat-treating circular furnace, which rotates during heat-treatment. Samples are transported through the furnace in a circular path as they are heated.

Rotary tube furnaces generally burn pulverized, solid, gaseous or liquid fuel into its working section, and then the heating gases created flow towards the sample. These furnaces feature a metal drum lined with refractory, which is mounted at an angle.

Rotary tube furnaces are designed to heat loose materials for physiochemical processing, and they are classified depending on their method of heat-exchange (parallel or opposing gas flow) and their energy transfer method (direct, indirect or combined).

These furnaces are designed for continuous materials processing as it applies heat to the sample in multiple thermal control zones. The heat is transferred from a heat source to a rotating tube, which holds the sample.

Applications of Rotary Tube Furnaces

Rotary tube furnaces have a wide range of applications. They can be used to manufacture a selection of materials, including alumina, vermiculite, iron ore pellets and cement clinker.

They can also be used for oxidation, which is the increase in oxygen and loss of electrons in a sample, and calcination, which is a process used to effect phase transformations.

Rotary Tube Furnaces from Thermcraft

Thermcraft is able to manufacture rotary tube furnaces for a range of applications and industries.

The rotary tube component of these furnaces can be made of either ceramic, quartz, or a high-temperature alloy. Previous models, we have manufactured was tilted at an angle that ensured the furnace could be tilted continuously. DC variable speed control and temperature control systems can also be included where required.

We are able to build furnaces with a wide temperature range, and the previous rotary tube furnaces we have built could be heated to 1000oC to ensure that it was suitable for all applications.

Thermcraft have years of experience in building rotary tube furnaces, with many different options available. If you require a rotary tube furnace please get in touch with our team who can help throughout the entire process, from initial idea to aftercare.

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