Thermcraft to Attend SEMICON West in July with our Range of Diffusion Heating Elements

Thermcraft to Attend SEMICON West in July with our Range of Diffusion Heating Elements

SEMICON West is a conference taking place from July 11 – 13 in California. The aim of this conference is the promote the development of the global electronics supply chain by discussing the important issues in this field.

SEMICON West covers a range of nano- and microelectronic industries including photovoltaics, LED, MEMS and semiconductors.

Thermcraft will be in attendance of SEMICON West 2017 with our range of diffusion heating elements, which we have been supplying to the semiconductor industry since 1976. Our knowledge of thermal engineering allows us to design the highest performance diffusion heating elements for all processes.

This blog post will provide a preview of the diffusion heating elements we supply.


Fibercraft™ Vacuum Formed Ceramic Fiber Diffusion Heating Elements

The design of these heating elements includes a helically wound flat ribbon, and powdered-metal wire or conventional wire that is embedded in the vacuum formed ceramic fiber heating element.

This unique structure helps to more than triple the effective radiating surface, resulting in maximum heat dissipation, decreased thermal response time, improved temperature uniformity, and lower operating costs.

Duracraft™ Heavy Gauge Diffusion Heating Elements

These diffusion heating elements are designed with either KanthalTM APM powdered-metal wire or helically wound heavy-gauge conventional wire. Self-locking ceramic spacers increase consistency and reliability under fluctuations of repeated temperature cycling.

These diffusion heating elements enable the highest temperature operation, longer element life, and large temperature swings.

Vertical Diffusion Heating Elements

In addition to standard diffusion heating elements, we can also provide them in a vertical configuration if your lab requires it. We are able to provide these as completely new units or remanufacture/rebuild existing units. Both of our Duracraft™ and Fibercraft™ heating elements are available in vertical configurations.


Thermcraft at SEMICON West

The team from Thermcraft will be at SEMICON West on July 11 – 13. Please stop by and visit us for more information about our diffusion heating elements and any of our other products. If you would like to get in touch before the conference please contact us.