Transparent Tube Laboratory Furnace for Research Applications

The TransTemp transparent tube laboratory furnace is a unique heat treatment instrument that offers distinct advantages to researchers in academic or industrial development applications. Its innovative structure is comprised of three concentric tubes and a coaxial, brazed heating coil capable of generating temperatures exceeding 1000°C (1832°F).

There are numerous benefits to this mechanical arrangement, but the unique selling point of the transparent tube laboratory furnace is the proprietary design of its coaxial tubes – particularly the outermost cylinder. This tubular component has a non-toxic gold plating on its interior, which acts as an exceptional insulator to reflect infrared energy uniformly throughout the chamber. At roughly 600°C (1112°F), this gold plating becomes transparent to selected wavelengths of visible light, allowing direct observation of the heating process.

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This article will explore the benefits and applications of the TransTemp laboratory furnace in further detail:

Outlining the TransTemp Laboratory Furnace

The TransTemp laboratory furnace is distinguished by its three coaxially-mounted heat treatment cylinders. These are comprised of an outermost gold-plated pyrex tube, an interior tube of protective quartz designed to reduce contamination of the gold surface, and an innermost quartz muffle tube designed to separate an experiment analyte from the heating coil. The muffle extends beyond the end plates to facilitate easy loading of experiment samples.

This arrangement negates the requirement for substantial insulating materials due to the reflectiveness of the gold mirror, which is typically applied at film thicknesses of up to 80 nm. IR wavelengths are repeatedly reflected through the process tube across the full length of the chamber, with temperature uniformities of +/-1°C for the key central third of the process tube. As so much of the radial heat energy is reflected, it is possible for the film to withstand continuous operating temperatures that exceed the melting point of gold.

The low thermal mass of the transparent laboratory furnace also ensures that the gold mirror will not crack due to irregular cooling, as the external tube rarely ranges above temperatures of 300°C (572°F).

Applications of the TransTemp Laboratory Furnace

This innovative equipment is regularly used in research applications requiring direct observation of a highly sanitized process chamber. It is most commonly used as a laboratory furnace for crystal growth analysis, chemical vapor deposition (CVD), environmental product development, and various metallurgical applications.

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