Tube Furnaces Available from Thermcraft

Thermcraft supplies a wide variety of different furnaces for a range of industries and applications. Our tube furnaces are known worldwide to be reliable and meet the requirements of customers.

Tube furnaces from Thermcraft are available as standard or they can be customized to exact specifications.

We provide furnaces that can be operated either vertically or horizontally depending on the application. The horizontal operation is beneficial as it increases sample uniformity due to the long and stable temperature zones. The maximum operating temperatures of our tube furnaces is as high as 1700oC.

Split Tube Furnaces

Split tube furnaces are a popular choice for laboratories as they are extremely versatile. They consist of a furnace body which is split in half, attached by a hinge. This allows easy access to place and remove samples and a range of tube diameters can be used with split tube furnaces.

Our split tube furnaces can be manufactured as single zone configurations for applications that require a single sample, or multi-zone configurations when multiple samples are needed.

We can use a variety of different heating elements in these furnaces, including silicone carbide (SiC) or molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) for higher temperatures. For maximum thermal efficiency, these furnaces have insulating vestibules at the end of heating chambers and graded layers of insulation.

If the tube furnace will need to be relocated often, our vertical split tube furnace is mounted on a heavy duty stand that is portable, allowing easy movement.

Solid Tube Furnaces

Solid tube furnaces differ from split tube furnaces as they are not hinged in half to provide easy access to samples. While these furnaces are not as versatile as split tube furnaces, they work excellently in applications where a specific sample size will be used continuously. They also provide a consistent and precise temperature throughout.

Process tubes are pass through solid tube furnaces, transferring a sample through a single, or multiple heating zones. Our solid tube furnaces can be designed to fit a specific size of sample tube.

These furnaces are available in single or multi-zone configurations, where metallic sheath elements are used to increase the heat in areas where it is required. The lightweight ceramic, fiber insulation enables these tube furnaces to provide rapid heat-up, recovery and cool down.

In addition to tube furnaces, Thermcraft supply a large range of other industrial furnaces and ovens. If you require any more information regarding any of our furnaces or ovens, please contact us.

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