Understanding ASTM D3174

Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM has been setting a widely-recognized and revered standard for testing and evaluating materials for well over a century. ASTM is the authority for all respected and reputable American institutions who wish to benefit from nationwide knowhow and testing techniques.

As one of the industry’s most innovative furnace developers, Thermcraft serves up specifically-customized furnaces to industrial facilities across the United States.

What is the ASTM D3174 Test?

Contained in a carefully put together portfolio of testing measures, one particular method is the ASTM D3174. This abbreviation stands for the ‘Standard Test Method for Ash in the Analysis Sample of Coal and Coke from Coal’.

The ASTM D3174 test is universally acknowledged as the most trustworthy and accurate application for the analysis of ash remnants after incineration. It is deployed in the design and development phases of any high-spec furnace, of which Thermcraft has many makes and models.

ASTM D3174 is a test that is familiar to all our furnace engineers due to the regularity with which it is conducted.

The Need for ASTM D3174 Testing in Thermcraft’s Furnace Development

With the weight of expectation that follows a firm of Thermcraft’s expertise and experience, strict adherence to constantly updated and revised regulations is a necessity.

All our employees, from the chief expert engineers to the creative component crafters, are well versed in the various standards and stipulations which must be satisfied to put out a completely safe and durable product.

ASTM D3174 testing is invaluable in the classification of the properties of a high-performing furnace’s contents – coal, coke, and ash.

The Value of Knowing the Classification of Varying Components

As a direct consequence of the high-temperature incineration of coal and coke, the remaining residue is often obtusely mistaken for ash. However, the components of ash are very particular. Ash is a result of properties such as water and carbon dioxide being drained from the coal, leaving it in a disassembled, dehydrated pile of dust.

The ASTM D3174 test allows us to arrive at an accurate representation of the leftover matter by scientifically separating each element based on its component characteristics.

In short, we can sift through and segregate the debris into sections to gain greater certainty of what is created when coal is exposed to varying levels of heat.

The Application of ASTM D3174 Testing Results in Customer Service

Being able to confidently claim that our range of furnace products has been put through the strictest procedures and protocols available, gives us great pride and gives you, the customer, peace of mind.

Our commitment to collaborate with standard-setting organizations and to constantly conduct the tests deemed necessary is a testament to our care and consideration for you, the customer.

We’ll continue to ensure that our services and solutions are set to the highest standards and specifications, relying on tests like ASTM D3174 to guarantee our excellence. Contact us to learn more.

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